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Mr. Evans

Myrtle Beach, SC

My wife Cynthia said I need to send you the bill for the new mower I had to get in order to get my grass height back to were it should be. My rechargeable electric mower couldn't handle the lushness your treatment have resulted in! Thank for the job you are doing


North Myrtle Beach, SC

Mark does a great job with our lawn. He is always willing to discuss our treatment and is prompt in returning phone calls.


Tom Tablone

Little River, SC

Thanks again Mark for a good season. I had a lot of compliments on my lawn. Also I like the one on one contact with you. Thanks again!

Andrea Bressler

Conway, SC

Thanks for a great job this year! the lawn looks so much better from when you first began treating my grass. Please continue for next year also. I have a new person that will be picking up services as well. Let me know when your ready to start the next year treatment and I'll hook you up with them! GREAT JOB!

Robin Sikes

Socastee, SC

I don’t have to mark my calendar, pick up necessary supplies, saves space in my sheds and keeps me out of the heat. It really is a no brainier.

I have pets that are in an area of approx. 1 ½ acres. The treatments do not affect the health of my dogs, I don’t have children so they are very special to me. The fire ant treatment is awesome in protecting them from bites. I have 4 different types of grasses and Freedom Lawns treats each of them separately for different needs. I have used them for approx. 8 to 10 years and my lawn looks better all the time. As I said, it really is a no brainer decision for me.

Marie Stand

Little River, SC

I chose Freedom Lawns because I watched the difference that they made over other companies doing the exact same thing.  My lawn was being treated by another company and it was slowly dying.  The answer I got from the other company was that I needed to re-sod because my St. Augustine was too old and had to be re-sodded every 20-25 years.  Well, since I have had Freedom Lawn my yard is healthy, weed free and so lush.

The staff at Freedom Lawn is very friendly, knowledgeable and hard working.  The staff gives the consumer a since that they truly care about your lawn and its needs.  I love your company and completely trust that you will take care of the needs of my lawn.

Thank you so very much for all your hard work, sweat and caring when it comes to my lawn.  Your staff treat's my lawn as if it was there own yard.

Lester Davis

Myrtle Beach, SC

I chose Freedom Lawns because of the great customer service.  I was using a competitor, Scotts, for 6 years, and during that time, I never got to actually have a conversation with my yard technician while he was treating my lawn.  It was like they tried to sneak in and out without anyone knowing they were there, so they didn't have to deal with customers. 

When I called the office to try and speak with the person who was actually treating my lawn, the secretary would always take a message, ask my question for me, and then call me was never someone who actually does the yard work.  The only time I actually spoke with someone besides the secretary, who was lovely, by the way, was when I called to cancel my service and then the owner actually did call me.  Not good.

When I call Freedom Lawns, I speak with people who know what they are talking about, who know my lawn specifically, and ALWAYS someone offers to drive over and stand in my yard and discuss my issues.  So much better.  I appreciate being treated like more than just a checkbook!

Judith Haley

North Myrtle Beach, SC

The reasons why I chose Freedom Lawns are:

 1. I noticed a Freedom Lawns van in front of several of the most beautiful lawns in our neighborhood!

2. when I asked a neighbor about Freedom Lawns service they highly recommended the service.

The reason that sealed the deal for us was the prompt and friendly service we received on the phone and in person.

I have now recommended it to another neighbor!

Thank you Freedom Lawns, my only regret is not starting service earlier this year!

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